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Our story

Many of the most influential business leaders are involved in making a remarkable difference in the world of rapid technological growth and the constant development of business ideas and prototypes. Mr. Walid El Hariri, a Lebanese entrepreneur, believed in change to promote the development of human quotidian behaviour toward non-ferrous scrap metal; hence, building efficient societies. He founded Lematec Trade SRL in 1996 in Romania, as the temporal and spatial circumstances invited his vision of reducing metal waste to grow.

As one of the most experienced non-ferrous scrap metal processing facilities in Ilfov, Lematec Trade SRL is dedicated to the segregation, processing, and shredding of diverse non-ferrous scrap metals. We have been providing customers from all over Romania and other countries in Europe with sorted metal scrap of high quality, collected from industrial production, authorized collectors, demolition and dismantling, and households.

Our material-handling equipment and non-ferrous scrap processing machines qualify us to provide our customers with the finest Aluminium, Copper, Brass, Bronze, Stainless Steel, and other Non-ferrous metal scraps, in addition to Lead and used Batteries from vehicles.


Our company is comprised of specialists focused on the development of sustainable solutions in scrap management and the supply of diversified products dedicated to reducing waste and developing communities in Romania and other countries in Europe.

We, the Lematec Trade SRL team, combine efforts and perseverance to collect, process, and sell scrap for reuse. Our team of experts, with over 25 years of experience in the domain, thrives on providing perfectly sorted materials, which contain a negligible level of impurities and that fulfill our clients’ unmet needs.

We are providers of quality in all of our product categories, such as categorized aluminium (tense, taint tabor/cast, baled/loose, radiator baled, rim wheels, clean profiles or with thermal breaks), copper, brass, bronze, stainless steel, and other non-ferrous metal scraps, in addition to used batteries from vehicles and lead scrap.

Moreover, Lematec Trade SRL genuinely serves Romanian and foreign markets such as Turkey, Bulgaria, and Italy with processed non-ferrous materials that are clean, i.e., with impurities almost nonexistent, thus maintaining deep-rooted relationships with our partners and clients based on trust and loyalty.

Our scrap metal export department proved its mettle in the European market, providing customers with top-grade products and satisfactory customer service and demonstrating high levels of professionalism.

Our team proved successful in gaining the trust of the international market, relying on credibility and Lematec Trade SRL’s polished reputation for providing high-quality products in a timely and professional manner.

Most importantly, Lematec Trade SRL is an environmentally conscious business. The main aim behind founding this company is a socially responsible activity focused on preserving the environment by providing solutions to help reduce waste by collecting and reselling non-ferrous scrap to our customers—a green and sustainable option to just dumping metal items and waste into landfills.

Both Lematec Trade SRL’s mission and vision shed light on the culture and the façade of our company—a beehive, in which our team and partners collaborate to collect, process, shred scrap, and provide clients with reusable clean material, and through which we tend to target current and future markets along with the company’s core principles and values.

In brief, Lematec Trade SRL promises to use its vast resources and expertise to meet your needs—providing you with a variety of reusable clean materials by collecting, processing, and selling scrap, so you can build and develop societies all over the world.